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Work with me


Whether you need a new headshot for LinkedIn, some flattering pictures for a dating app or something else entirely, I can make that happen. I don’t bill hourly or per photo. I get booked for an afternoon and we keep shooting until we’re both satisfied with the pictures. All photos taken will be available to you afterwards. I usually shoot on public locations in an attempt to avoid the sterile, soulless look many studio pictures risk ending up with. That being said, I can also do studio photos if so desired.

Events and Weddings

I can cover company events, weddings, birthdays and everything in between. While phone cameras make most people a decent photographer these days, sometimes you just want that extra quality – especially if they are to be printed! Besides, it is an unnecessary hassle to deal with documenting the occasion while celebrating with friends and loved ones – leave it to the pros!

Custom Artwork

Are you looking for a very specific aesthetic for your wall, that you just can’t seem to find elsewhere? Let me know and we can work on making it happen!