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My prints ship out within approximately 14 days. Bear in mind that I am a busy student and this may vary depending on how shitty my exams are at that moment. As of now, every print is made to order, which also increases delivery times. In case of a rush order please send me an email with your order number and I’ll se what I can do. Pay with all regular credit/debit cards safely through Stripe. Full refunds available compliant with Danish commerce regulations.

Do note that due to their large size, the original images (the ones that will get printed) are too large to be on the website. Scaled down versions are the ones shown here. That means if a picture looks grainy or pixelated, rest assured the final product won’t. I personally inspect all orders before shipping to make sure they are of satisfactory quality.

NB! All prices are before shipping, as that depends on your whereabouts!